Bolly Love

The Indian culture has always interested me… The bold colors … The beautiful traditions and the impeccable attention to detail. Every Indian wedding that I have ever seen has been nothing less than fabulous. Some pole don’t like the mash up of colors… But that’s what I love about them , the colors are all so different but they blend together well.
So I did some research on the colors and here is what I found :
Red means :
  • color of purity, fertility, love, beauty
  • wealth, opulence and power
  • used in wedding ceremonies 
  • a sign of a married woman
                                                                      Yellow Means:
  • sacred and auspicious 
  • the Symbol of a Merchant
                                                                        Green Means :
  • the color of Islam, 
  • hope, 
  • new beginnings
  • harvest 
  • virtue
                                                                        Pink Means :
  • caring and nurturing 
  • love and romance
  • feminine
Inspirational Board created by E.wilkerson ( photos gathered from Pinterest)
Written  By : E.Wilkerson

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