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This blog is one of my most important …. Because this blog is all about me…many people see my posts , my activity on social media and my blogs…but does anyone really know who I am … Some may ask who’s that girl? Well I am down to earth fun loving event planner that resides right outside of Philadelphia .I am happily married with two beautiful children ….my family is the foundation of everything that I do and I would be nothing without  their love and their support .

Events by Errika has been in the making for years …we really started small…and with every passing  day and with every client we grew . I have the ability of pleasing someone’s eye and appeal. After many years of working in Corporate America and feeling like something was missing I decided to change my career path and go with my passion.
When I decided to chase after my dreams my husband was right by my side…and  I couldn’t ask for a better partner or friend!

My passion includes the use of creativity, details, and the ability to make that special day for someone even more special.It all started when I began planning my own wedding, I worked countless hours paying impeccable attention to detail and coming up with creative ways to make my day one to remember for me as well as for my guest. For me it’s not just about planning events; it’s about organizing, arranging and having the right things in place to give that wow factor. I love what I do and if hired believe me you won’t be treated like a number you will be treated like family !!!!



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Errika A. Wilkerson
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Wedding Inspiration : Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey
When I think of milk and honey I think of moisturizer , shampoo and desserts …. but never have I ever thought of milk & honey as a wedding theme . Milk and honey can be displayed many different ways … maybe in your décor … or maybe in our attire … or maybe you will have a milk and honey station filled with delicious treats for your guest to indulge in. Here is how we see ….
Milk & Honey:
Color Scheme : Milk & Honey maybe the theme but the color scheme is something different.. we suggest that you use tans, crèmes, and champagne tones.
Favors: Some of my favorite favor ideas are honey macaroons, honey sticks , and lip balm
Décor : Burlap , milk jars and wheat… I know what you are thinking what in the world are we going to do with those well let me explain….
Milk & Honey Centerpiece:
Step # 1: Take the milk bottle and wrap it with the burlap fabric
Step # 2 : Place actual wheat stems in the bottle
Step # 3: Place in the center of the table in between two rustic floral arrangements… and viola Milk & Honey goodness.
 Food: some food options that work well this theme is :
Honey Cured Ham
Honey and Brown Sugar Carrots
Honey Butter Cream Cupcakes ( yummooo)
This theme is just as sweet as your love .. its sweet as honey !
Inspirational Board Created By E. Wilkerson ( pictures gathered from Pinterest )  
Written By : E . Wilkerson

Wedding Stationary

When choosing wedding stationary also known as a wedding stationary suite. There are a few things that you should consider….does it go with my theme, does it match my color scheme, and what pieces are available in that suite.
Invitations come after all the major decisions have been made…the wedding stationary should be the glue that brings all the components together. I suggest that when shopping for your wedding stationary you should do a few things:
* Never buy blindly….online can be convenient but it can also be misleading. For instance there are hundreds shades of red..so the description might  say” Apple Red “but when it arrives it looks more like “Crimson”….both red but different. The only way I would suggest  buying online is if you could order a sample before you commit.
*Bring a swatch of your colors to the consultation….the key is to know what you want before getting there….picking out stationary can be just as stressful as picking out your dress.
* Your stationary should MATCH….not just your theme and color scheme but each component should match the other. For example your Save The Dates should match everything including your thank you cards….
* Mix and Match…. The only time I would Mix and Match is if the suite had different designs within the set. Same colors just different design!
Wedding save the dates and invitations are like the window to your wedding… these are the first items that your guest will see before your wedding day .. your stationary gives your guest and idea of what to expect .. so make it beautiful , make it coordinated and make it worth their while!
Inspirational Board Created By E. Wilkerson ( pictures gathered from Pinterest )  
Written By : E . Wilkerson

Bolly Love

The Indian culture has always interested me… The bold colors … The beautiful traditions and the impeccable attention to detail. Every Indian wedding that I have ever seen has been nothing less than fabulous. Some pole don’t like the mash up of colors… But that’s what I love about them , the colors are all so different but they blend together well.
So I did some research on the colors and here is what I found :
Red means :
  • color of purity, fertility, love, beauty
  • wealth, opulence and power
  • used in wedding ceremonies 
  • a sign of a married woman
                                                                      Yellow Means:
  • sacred and auspicious 
  • the Symbol of a Merchant
                                                                        Green Means :
  • the color of Islam, 
  • hope, 
  • new beginnings
  • harvest 
  • virtue
                                                                        Pink Means :
  • caring and nurturing 
  • love and romance
  • feminine
Inspirational Board created by E.wilkerson ( photos gathered from Pinterest)
Written  By : E.Wilkerson

Gold Is The New Bling

When people think about of bling they think of rhinestones or shiny stones…. But gold has become the new bling. It’s something about gold……it can transform a room….and when light hits it …its sparkles. My mother use to tell me that everything that glitters isn’t gold well in this case mom it is and my oh my is it beautiful !
This name plate is perfect for your golden wedding…people always want their names in lights but what about glitter ?
This cake is AH-mazing … I love the mixture of textures and the extra little touches of bling .. this cake is fit for your wedding
The perfect golden invitation ..from the perfect couple .. for the perfect golden wedding.
DIY  PROJECT: every guest will remember you forever with this gold covered votive candle…
Gold Covered Votive :
Paint bottom of votive with clear glue
Roll the votive in gold flakes or gold glitter
Turn glass upside down * let votive dry for at least a day *
Once votive is dry place a white votive candle in it
then tag and bag !
             The perfect “golden” setting for the perfect guest at your perfect wedding !
Stay Golden my friends !

All Inspirational Photos found on Pintrest

Written by: E .Wilkerson