Attendant Gifts

So all of your Wedding Plans are almost complete and your attendants have been there every step of the way….wasn’t that nice of them????  They have helped plan showers , parties and maybe even celebratory dinners . So how will you thank them ? It’s tradition that the bride and groom both gives gifts to their attendants , they can be as small as a jewelry or cuff links , or as big as a trip the spa or game day tickets ! On instagram I have posted pictures of my ” Fav Four ” so please allow me to introduce to all my blogging fans a few of my favorite things :
For your Bridesmaid :
-If your girls can drink like the boys I am sure that she will love a handpainted flask .. so that where ever she goes the party is sure to follow
-Sometimes a nice glass of wine will do the trick…dont ya think ???? so why not get her a custom made wine glass ( personalized of course ) so that we she has a rough day and pours a glass of wine she always think of you .
-Jewelry is a nice touch ….because what girl doesnt like a litle bling? I am not saying that you have to break the bank but give them something nice cinsidering they are spending a lot to be apart of your big day .
-and lastly on my “Fav Four” list for your girls is a picture frame…. I love this idea becasue the frame will always be a constant reminder of your friendship . As a added touch write a little thank you note and put it in the frame and at the wedding make sure the photograper takes a picture of you two together so that after the wedding she can replace your note with the picture.
For your Groomsmen :
-Cuff Links are the perfect finishing touch for your groomsmen attire and its the perfect little gift to say “Thanks Man”!!!!!! and as a added touch have the cuff links personalized
-Beer Mugs are always a hit with the guys…They are an inexpensive way for you and your groomsmen to all toast to the next chapter in your life 
-Give your best buds a watch … again dont break the bank but splurge a little and as a added touch get them engraved with a sentimental message like…. ” We will be friends until the end of time”
 – and lastly on my “Fav Four” list for your best buds… Give them a personalized toiletry bag… This gift is not only nice but it is practical… Trust me men like that !!!!
Whatever you choose make it unique .. make it your own and make it THOUGHTFUL!!!! #LIVING2PLAN