Date Night Approved : Painting With A Twist

I know that you have heard of the new epidemic of Painting With A Twist ! When I first heard of it I laughed because I just knew that it was painting naked or painting naked people … Boy was I wrong ! I am always looking for ways to keep my marriage hot and spicy . See getting married is easy but staying married and happy is something different . One night my husband and I decided to “Paint With A Twist ” … So we put the kids to bed and had fun ! My husband and I decided to paint each other … I know I know very risqué ! But trust me it’s fun and here’s what you will need :
1. Non-toxic or edible paint ( edible is my favorite)
2. Paint Brushes
3. Candles

I am not going to go into full detail but I think you can get the picture . There are no directions but one … Have Fun !
This ” Painting With A Twist ” is a sure hit …

Marriage is hard but both parties have to work at it . The same way you pulled out all the stops when you dated you must pull out all the stops for
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Until Next Time ….
E. Wilkerson

The Case Of The In laws

Most of us have seen the movie Monster in law and sadly to say more and more people are not getting along with their spouses parents. In the movie Monster in law Jennifer Lopez is engaged to a mommas boy and they are planing their wedding and she keeps budding heads with his mother. Throughout the whole movie they argue and the fight for his attention and its not until the end that they both realize how important each other is to the groom/son.  If you are finding that your soon to be spouse and your parent is not getting along here are a few things that you should do:

  •  Take a stand …. you need to let both of them know(separately) that you  love them and that no one can ever replace them.
  • You need to make sure that they both understand how important the other is to you .
  • make sure that they understand the role of the other.
  • lastly make special time for each of them believe me it makes a difference