DIY APPROVED : Christmas Edition

Grab your crafting kits and let’s make something festive ! I love love love crafting .. It really gives me a sense of peace . I sit in my office turn on some music and craft away…it’s really my happy place ! So because its Christmas and I believe that you should spend the money on the kids … Here are three DIY projects that I will be doing to curve some of my spending

DIY Project # 1: Snowflake Wreath ! This project is quite simple …
Items You Will Need :
Wicker Wreath
Snowflake Christmas Ornament( two colors )
Mini Wooden Letters ( my favs are JOY ,HOPE & NOEL)
Hot Glue Gun w/ glue sticks

There is no real guide for this one … Make it your own … I honestly did this craft five times before I decided on a design.


DIY Project#2:Glittered Candle Holder !
I am a lover of all things GLITTERED!!!! This craft was so much fun to create …
Items You Will Need :
Three Glass Candle holders ( I have seen people use Mason Jars & Votive Candle Holders ) but I chose a different design because I love to be different !
Elmers Glue ( white glue )
Paint Brush
Glitter ( I chose silver but any color will do )

Directions :
Take the glue and the paint brush and paint the inside of your glass object … I painted close to the top so that the entire inside of the glass would have some glitter on it.After all your glasses have been painting ….Shake away ! Shake the glitter and roll it around in your object until all areas with glue are now covered .
Let the glitter and glue dry overnight and then add a votive candle to dish and light away .


DIY Project # 3: Peppermint Vodka
Yes I know … Some may think it would be easier to just buy the vodka from the store … But your friends and family will appreciate the gift so much more if it was homemade!
Items You Will Need:
Mason Jar
Unflavored Vodka
Candy Canes ( or Peppermint Candy)

Directions :
Take the candy and beak it into pieces … And place in the bottom of the jar.
Then pour the vodka over the candy .
The candy will instantly begin to dissolve.
Put the lid on and walk away !
Depending on the size of the candy the vodka will be ready for gifting or sipping in a matter of hours … Every hour or so shake the jar to insure all pieces are dissolving.
Your Vodka will have a reddish / pinkish color … But it will taste oh so good .
I made a batch for my husband and I and we loved it in a few drinks that we serve at our Christmas Parties ( recipes below ) ! I hope you have fun crafting and I hope that you have a very very Happy Holiday Season!!!!


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Peppermint Vodka Recipes:
Peppermint Mochatini

2 parts peppermint vodka
1 part Chocolate Mint Liqueur
2 Parts Chocolate Milk

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with shaved chocolate floated on top.

Baby It’s Cold Outside ( Hot Chocolate )
1Part peppermint vodka
1 cup of hot chocolate
First, pour vodka into a mug then, fill the mug with hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and crushed peppermint candy sprinkles.

Santa Baby
4 oz of peppermint vodka
4 oz of whipped cream vodka
Mix the peppermint & whipped cream vodka pour over ice and add a candy cane for garnish .
Until Next Time :
E. Wilkerson

  This holiday season enjoy your family over good drinks , good food and good events !


I absolutely love DIY projects ,But they are even better when they are partly free. For this edition of DIY Approved we are incorporating some nature favorites to create your Holiday table. Most people don’t like DIY projects because they never turn out like the model, so keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to fit your style as well as your theme . So for this thanksgiving I urge you to take a walk outside .

DIY # 1 : Table Runner :

To Complete this project here are the things that you will need :

1. Burlap Table Runner

2. Multi Fall Colored Paints

3. Paint Brushes

Directions :
Lay your table runner on a flat surface and begin to paint . Take the paint brushes and make circles on the runner.
Don’t worry about the circles being perfect this is your masterpiece paint the way you want .
Here’s A Tip :
if you really want perfect circles take a wine corks and dip it into the paint and take the cork and use it like a stamp on the runner .


DIY # 2: Fabulous Fallen Leaves
To Complete this project here are the things that you will need :
1. Fallen Leaves ( yup the ones on the ground )
2. Paint
3. Paint Brushes
Directions :
This one is so easy … All you do is lay your leaves on a piece of news paper and paint … That’s It . These leaves can be incorporated into your centerpieces or they can be transformed into place cards ( just let the paint set and dry and take a marker and write your guests name )
Here’s A Tip :
Be sure to store your leaves in a cool place .. If you leave them in your heated home you risk the chance of them drying out .


DIY #3 : Let’s Branch Out :

To Complete this project here are the things that you will need :
1. 3 Different Sized Vases ( or Mason Jars)
2. Small Tree Twigs
3. Water
4. Led Submersible Lights
Trim your branches down … You want to make sure that your twigs fit in your vases. Then take the twigs and place them into the vase . Place the led light at the bottom of the vase and then add water . Very simple , very cute , very cheap !

When choosing DIY projects be sure to know exactly what you need and exactly what to do . It’s nothing like starting something and can’t finish it . And don’t forget this is your project follow the directions but make it your own !
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Until Next Time ….