DIY APPROVED : Christmas Edition

Grab your crafting kits and let’s make something festive ! I love love love crafting .. It really gives me a sense of peace . I sit in my office turn on some music and craft away…it’s really my happy place ! So because its Christmas and I believe that you should spend the money on the kids … Here are three DIY projects that I will be doing to curve some of my spending

DIY Project # 1: Snowflake Wreath ! This project is quite simple …
Items You Will Need :
Wicker Wreath
Snowflake Christmas Ornament( two colors )
Mini Wooden Letters ( my favs are JOY ,HOPE & NOEL)
Hot Glue Gun w/ glue sticks

There is no real guide for this one … Make it your own … I honestly did this craft five times before I decided on a design.


DIY Project#2:Glittered Candle Holder !
I am a lover of all things GLITTERED!!!! This craft was so much fun to create …
Items You Will Need :
Three Glass Candle holders ( I have seen people use Mason Jars & Votive Candle Holders ) but I chose a different design because I love to be different !
Elmers Glue ( white glue )
Paint Brush
Glitter ( I chose silver but any color will do )

Directions :
Take the glue and the paint brush and paint the inside of your glass object … I painted close to the top so that the entire inside of the glass would have some glitter on it.After all your glasses have been painting ….Shake away ! Shake the glitter and roll it around in your object until all areas with glue are now covered .
Let the glitter and glue dry overnight and then add a votive candle to dish and light away .


DIY Project # 3: Peppermint Vodka
Yes I know … Some may think it would be easier to just buy the vodka from the store … But your friends and family will appreciate the gift so much more if it was homemade!
Items You Will Need:
Mason Jar
Unflavored Vodka
Candy Canes ( or Peppermint Candy)

Directions :
Take the candy and beak it into pieces … And place in the bottom of the jar.
Then pour the vodka over the candy .
The candy will instantly begin to dissolve.
Put the lid on and walk away !
Depending on the size of the candy the vodka will be ready for gifting or sipping in a matter of hours … Every hour or so shake the jar to insure all pieces are dissolving.
Your Vodka will have a reddish / pinkish color … But it will taste oh so good .
I made a batch for my husband and I and we loved it in a few drinks that we serve at our Christmas Parties ( recipes below ) ! I hope you have fun crafting and I hope that you have a very very Happy Holiday Season!!!!


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Peppermint Vodka Recipes:
Peppermint Mochatini

2 parts peppermint vodka
1 part Chocolate Mint Liqueur
2 Parts Chocolate Milk

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with shaved chocolate floated on top.

Baby It’s Cold Outside ( Hot Chocolate )
1Part peppermint vodka
1 cup of hot chocolate
First, pour vodka into a mug then, fill the mug with hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and crushed peppermint candy sprinkles.

Santa Baby
4 oz of peppermint vodka
4 oz of whipped cream vodka
Mix the peppermint & whipped cream vodka pour over ice and add a candy cane for garnish .
Until Next Time :
E. Wilkerson

  This holiday season enjoy your family over good drinks , good food and good events !