Ice Cream Social

You scream  , I scream , we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!! Happy National Ice Cream Month!!! Who would have known that there was a month to celebrate such a delicious treat ? Well certainly not me ! Ice cream has always been a favorite of mine’s something about the creamy bowl of deliciousness that does something to my spirit ! There are many ways to celebrate with your friends and family over ice cream this summer !
Ice Cream Social :
 The Menu : Only Ice Cream !!!! I know it seems odd but how awesome would it be to only have to get gallons of ice cream ( with the fixins of course ). There is no prep work , there is no slaving over the stove … Just relaxation and entertaining !!!
The Décor : It doesn’t require much .. Keep it very simple  ! I think that the best items are
    • Plenty Of Ice Cream Bowls
    • Miniature Bowls ( for the fixins )
    • Different types of Ice Cream
    • Different types of cones
    •  Balloons
    • Lots and Lots Of Fun
Vintage Ice Cream Parlor :
The Menu:
  This party is different from the previous    one … Before, the menu required that you just provide Ice Cream and the fixins .. But this theme steps it up a notch . The menu requires you to have ice cream , milk shake options and the all American favorite a banana boat station!
The Décor :
With a steped up menu comes steped up decor. This theme is not only about a delish dessert this theme is about … Transforming your event space to look like and to feel like a Ice Cream Parlor. So I suggest :
  • Candy striper aprons and hats 
  • Vintage Menu Signs
  • Vintage tables and chairs
  • Metal Bowls and Cups
  • Black and white pictures of people have fun. 
  • And a Jute Box … Nothing says Vintage like Juke Box  !
The Ice Cream Truck:  
Do you remember being a kid and playing with your friends and out of no where here comes the ice cream man ? Well with this theme creates that feeling of  happiness  and here’s how:
The Menu: 
The ice cream man always had multiple popsicles , a variety  of Ice Cream sandwiches and cones …and so should you ! Gather big boxes of your favorite frozen treat and serve them up to your guest
The Decor : 

  • Metal Buckets filled with ice ( do not serve the ice cream selections out of the box!)
  • Customized Menu Board
  • Ice Cream Truck cut out ( if you have a crafty friend make a fun shaped prop ) like the side of the ice cream truck.
  • Music … Play some ice cream truck music … People ways hear the music before they see the truck!!!
No matter what you choose remember to always …
         Save Room For Ice Cream !!!
Written By : E.Wilkerson

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