Grooms Are "Stepping" Out

Long gone are the days of your mother telling you to put on your Sundays best for church. Back then that meant a suit and a pair of dress shoes .. but the revolution has changed things its a new era like your baseball cap going with your sport jacket , button down shirt and a pair of jeans all pulled together with some fresh J’s. The day’s of complaint’s are now replaced with joy because you got that fresh pair of kick’s you been waiting to put on. Sneakers have created a brand new era of getting dressed. You will change your outfit at least four times before you walk out the door, just to ensure that no one can top your style. The church say’s come as you are, and for ages the older crowd would frown upon the youth dress code. Gathering’s and events where always casual or business casual, and there where no sneaker’s allowed…..but with today’s style everything is accepted. The right pair of shoes with your outfit can do so much for a person. It can increase your swag, it helps with your confidence, it could determine if you get that girl that you where looking at. It also allow for people to keep with tradition but be comfortable at the same damn time.

Chucks have become the number one pick and they are becoming the tradition  … The one thing that I love about chucks is that not only do you have the traditional black but they come in a range of colors that will go with any color scheme.

 That groom got on running shoes ….some guys really like having fun and these lime green sneaks with lime green socks are definitely screaming FUN!!!!!
J’s…. I think that every man needs a pair of J’s and this totally works
 for that groom that is going against tradition…and guys these can also be your gift to your groomsmen.
Here is another customizable favorite … A lot of sneaker companies gives the option to customize your sneakers…here’s a tip go online and play with colors and options…and make them your own … what better way to ” step Out ” other than in your own style !
Written By : B. Wilkerson


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