Our Love Is So High….Mr. &Mrs . Davis

Bianka and I met ten years ago while attending High School…. Our paths crossed again early part last year . Bianka wasn’t a “traditional ” bride, Sometimes when  you meet a couple they have no idea what they want or don’t want but Bianka and Jason knew exactly what they wanted….and wasn’t afraid to ask for it . Bianka was a very hands on bride …. after countless meetings and phone calls  wedding day was finally here !!!!!

The Couple deiced to light a unity candle because family is very important to both of them so today not only do they unite their families unite as well.

” The path to true love is so narrow that two can not walk on it unless they become one “

Sometimes all you need is a little monogram on top of a perfect cake….

This picture is one of my favorites….sometimes personalities clash , but others are so unique that they form a bond that cant be broken.
Ladies and Gents … introducing the “Wolf Pack”… during one of my consultations with Bianka she disclosed to me that  the groom wanted to do something memorable with his entrance. So the Guys formed a “V ” and walked into the ceremony …it was so funny and so unique that the guest gave them a round of applause.
” since the day you came into my life you made me realize that we were born to fly…you showed me everyday new possibilities , you proved my fantasies of what love could really be ” On this day Jason and Bianka went to a place only lovers go …and they floated away on love !!!!
Congratulations To Mr & Mrs Davis!!!
October 13, 2013

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