Christmas In July

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday …..the gifts are nice but that’s not the reason it’s my favorite….. I love the feel of Christmas the smell of Christmas and the togetherness of Christmas! So today’s special blog is all about a Christmas bridal shower!!!!!   A Christmas bridal shower is simple to plan and easy to decorate for…. Just pull out everything Christmas …. Lights, bulbs, balls and for an added touch a tree. So here is what you need to do:

Set the tone with your invitations:
Invite your friends and family with Christmas themed invites….if you can’t find a Christmas invite use traditional Christmas colors( red , green and white) . On the invite tell your guest exactly what to expect’s  an example:
” join us for Brittany’s Christmas in July shower, please wrap all gifts in Christmas paper , and bring a Christmas ornament for her wishing well”
 Set the mood with your decor: pull out all things Christmas…. Decorate your home or your venue just as you would if it was Christmas…. Hang stockings, tinsel, christmas balls and don’t forget your music.. Christmas just aint Christmas without some good ole Christmas music!
And lastly….Fill their bellys:
To continue on with the theme serve traditional Christmas food.. ( maybe do breakfast or maybe cook up a feast) regardless of what you serve it must feel like Christmas and for a little something extra serve up a christmas beverage but customize it for your bride 2 be… “Brit-nog”( egg nog) or ” bri-tini” (Christmas martini) We hope  you enjoyed our special edition blog today tuned for the next blog ” top ten beaches to honeymoon at” #living2plan
Happy July 25th All!!!!


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