October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the U.S. You and the people in your community should come together to make a difference. Breast Cancer has affected most of us in some way shape or form. Breast Cancer runs in my family and that’s why I do monthly checks and if anything seems out of place I go get it checked out.  I am so Passionate about Breast Cancer and that’s why I am involved in a host of events throughout the month of October so that I can help in find the cure so that ….a mother can see her daughter get married or that a grandmother can see her grandchildren be born or that a aunt can be there to give advice or so that a sister can still be a best friend or so that a friend can always have your back. The Breast
Cancer awareness Foundation runs may different events through a unique month-long campaign so come on ladies lets be passionately pink.
 Elegant Events By Errika …. Is getting involved so that we can save the ……..
Let’s join together to raise awareness and take a step forward in conquering this disease. So how will you raise awareness …Here are few ideas that you can use as fundraisers !!!!!
 *   Sip For The Cure ( classy wine tasting )
 *   Bowling For The Cure
 *    Race For The Cure ( walk or run )
 *   Black Tie Gala

Those are just a few but check out the Cancer Foundation Website for local or national events !
# living2plan ….#Strengthhopefaith


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