Halloween …..for the kiddos

This Halloween as you are planning your Halloween activities don’t be a think for yourselfer…. Yes I know our parties are fun but the kids need some fun too! So with this theme steer away from demons and withces and goblins … but use the colors and funny pumpkins … we don’t want to scare the kids. there are so many ways to to make you kidtasic Halloween a success so here is a few ideas to get you started.

The Menu :
Mummy Hot dogs
Halloween Cake pops and Lolly Pops
Halloween Oreo’s ( that you can lay out to look like legs of a witch … see the Oreo adds for details )
Make jello molds w/ little critter crawlers
Make Brownie covered in marshmallows , candy corn and chocolate chips
 Candy Buffet  ( use your imitation)
Withces Brew ( Green Kool-aid )
Jack O’ Lantern Cake

The Decorations:
Mini Brooms ( glittery Ones from Target )
Different Size Cauldrons
Mini Pumpkins ( set up a create your own station this serves as three parts 1. decoration , 2. activity and 3. favor )
Pumpkin Balloons
apothecary Jars to hold ” experiments ” ( this candy be candy eyeballs ….. mini broomsticks ( pretzels w/ cookies at the end ) anything to set the theme

Check all of your favorite part planing or parenting sites for additional tips and recipes …..#living2plan
                                                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!


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