Baby Shower

Excuse me …..can you please tell me how I can get to sesame st ? As a kid I loved watching sesame st…cookie monster was my absolute FAV!!!!! So when I was asked to assist in planning a baby shower for my nieces son I was so excited!!!! After her mother was done with the design the food and the decorations…she had literally transformed the venue into sesame st. The best part of planing a baby shower is that you can do anything you want. It can be as simple a women’s tea or as big as creating well sesame st….some of the things you must remember while planing a shower is that:
You must have some fun… This may the last hooray for the mommie to be before baby comes!
You must inform your guest what type of shower this will be typically a shower is used for a first time mom but a ” sprinkle ” ( smaller scale shower ) is used for a mom who may or may not kids that are close in age . Some people figure that once you have a baby you should be set for the ones to come.
Create  a registry!!!! People don’t know what your thinking unless you tell them .. So prepare a list of items that you need and want so that you can actually relax before the baby is born and not shopping til you drop.
 And a little advice for the mom to be who is so anxious to see her baby ” be calm and relax because this is the only time that you can assist God in a miracle “
Happy Planning #living2 plan


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