Long Engagement vs.Short Engagement

One of my clients was dating her now husband for 5 years and finally on Valentine’s day 2 years ago he proposed!!! I was so excited for them both …because they were finally taking that big step and getting married. During our first consultation where we discuss , Theme ,budget,color scheme and most importantantly the date he disclosed to me that he wasn’t looking to get married until 2015! I was confused and I believe his fiance was to. She then posed the question how long is too long ? Well I believe that you both need to answer that question..marriage is a big step and hard work. So when getting married you both must be ready because if your not it may cause problems within the relationship. There is no time line for the engagement process…some couples get engaged and they are married within 12months ..but other couples get engaged and stay in the engaged stage for years. There is no right and wrong answer its only what feels right. Discuss a date both of you listen to the other see what each others goals are before you just say this is the day I want to get married..marriage is not one-sided so this decision shouldnt be either! #living2plan


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