Gift Registry

So you are at the point in your plannig process that you are ready to create your registry. Did you know that most couples return anbout 75% of thier gifts ? That means to me that couples register for things that don’t really want or dont really need. So before you go and register for everyting in the store here are some tips that you might want to consider first: 1. Review the registry program of the leading stores…who offers the most and who has the bigger selection of merchandise. 2. Review what you have…one of the biggest reasons for returns is that couples register for things they dont see what you have before registering for another coffee maker. 3. Discuss things with your partner before you arrive to the store so atleast you will have a game plan. 4.survey the land!!!! If you are going to a larger store go before you actually want to register..the benefit is that you know the layout and you are not walking around aimlessly through the store….registering could take hours if you don’t know where to look. 5.print out a check list…these are so helpful because they tell you what you need and how many you need 6. Lastly HAVE FUN!!!!! While scanning merchandise talk to each other listen to each other…after all you both have to look at this stuff for the next few years so you both need to like it.!!!!!! #Happyscanning#happyplanning #living2plan


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