The Event Professionals

Things you shoud know while planning your event ……
Find your style: Before making any decisions, figure out what your style is as a couple. Even though everyone thinks that the bride runs the show , in reality its the biggest day of both of your lives so share it with him.

Come up with a plan: What do you feel great about spending? Talk about how you want to feel at your wedding and how

you want your guests to feel. I am a firm believer of planning and budgeting and planning and sticking to the plan. So make a plan write it down and every time you have accomplished something or paid for something check it off believe me it feels good!

Develop a list of priorities: What three things are most important to you? Be able to discuss with your planner any likes and dislikes you have as they pertain to your wedding. We are not mind readers we need to know what you are feeling because it helps us with creating a design for your wedding and making you happy.

Don’t make decisions too quickly: Do your homework and research. Everything is three clicks/phone calls away. There are often many less expensive and better options than the first thing you saw. like the song says ” momma told me to shop around “. so do just that . don’t be afraid to go to your local target , dollar tree or wal-mart.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box: The rules have all been reinvented. You are the one in control when you hire a planner we are just bringing all those things that you have thought about to reality. So go ahead dream big !


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