The Tale Of Two Dresses!

When I was planning my wedding I looked at maybe 20 dresses ….and every dress felt the same HEAVY! I knew that during the wedding it would be OK … but during the reception I wanted to a cut a rug with my husband and my family. So as I got a little discouraged and after spending 3 hours in the bridal shop, I was over it. Then the manager came over and asked how I was and asked how she could help ….. Well I laid it all out. I wanted a traditional wedding gown for my ceremony but I wanted to also be able to have fun and move during my reception, and that’s when she did it she pulled out this short cocktail dress that had a sweet heart neckline and covered with rhinestones and glitter. I know that the description doesn’t sound so great but believe me it was amazing! Some brides don’t mind picking up their dress to get down on the dance floor but you risk a lot by wearing your ceremony dress. You can get it dirty and because it so big people can step on it or spill something on you. So I encourage you to buy two dresses … yes it does cost more but it avoids someone or you destroying that previous memento! Also if you notice the picture this model is wearing a converter dress. Meaning that it’s a two in one ….. These dresses are in a fun. You get one look which is typically the traditional look and the other is more of a cocktail dress that is perfect for tearing up the dance floor with your husband and you family.  # living2plan


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