Location ….Location….Location

When choosing the location of your event you must consider everything and everyone involved. I believe that the location set the tone, creates the atmosphere and plays a big part of your theme. But the wrong location can cause everything to go south ….you must consider the location (the venue) of the location. Here are the things that you must remember when choosing the location.

 *   What’s included in the price?
 *   Is there parking?
 *   Will my Vendors have ample time to set up       ?

***This one is crucial believe me this is something that you want to discuss with the venue before signing your contract. Think about it if your venue wont let your vendors in how can you event possibly start on time or go the way you planned it.***
 *   Does it have all the necessary amenities to accommodate your guest?
 *   Is the whole facility available for use by your vendors or your guest?
 *   Will there be renovations before my event?
Also check their website or the Internet to see if there have been any positive or negative reviews… you don’t want to be surprised the day of your event.



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