Favors ….

Favors are a little token of gratitude for your family and friends for spending the day with you.  Believe me I understand that depending on the type of event you just had you probably jut spent a pretty penny …but your guest will greatly appreciate it. People some times over think what the favors can …. I encourage you to pick a favor that is theme and / or color appropriate.  Here is a list of my favorite things … no it’s not favor law but they are unique and I think that you guest will enjoy them… no matter what you choose do me a favor …GIVE FAVORS
 1.  Spoon full of Kisses from the Mr.  & Mrs.
 2.  Custom made lolly pops
 3.  Palatable Seeds ( that will bloom every year )
 4.  Candy Buffets ( my absoluter FAV)
 5.  Candles
 6.  Coasters
 7.  Mini Pop Corn Tins ( fill with a mixture of popcorn)
 8.  Place cards … This has to purposes… it shows people where to sit and the guest can take them home to use as decorations.
 9.  Mini Wine or Champagne bottles … these are so cute and so inexpensive
 10. Cd’s.. These are so in right now… you can custom make these by adding all the song that you like and creating a story of songs to go with it.

                                                    # living2plan


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